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Humanitarian Communications

Communications with Communities (CWC) and Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP)

IOM’s Communications with Communities (CwC) provides crisis-affected communities with access to information and life-saving communications. Information and communications are critical forms of assistance, which enable crisis-affected populations to better understand issues that affect their lives and to make the informed decisions for themselves and their communities.

Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) emphasizes the importance of listening to affected communities, with the aim of adapting the international response strategic objectives and operational planning based on community feedback. Informed decisions are made based on the needs and concerns of affected populations. CwC and AAP are essential elements in ensuring accountability and transparency in humanitarian response.

In Haiyan Response, a hotline was established to receive feedback, comments, and reports. Communities are able to call, send an SMS or visit the helpdesks in evacuation centres to provide feedback. Community Response Map is a web-based platform that aggregates feedback gathered from the communities into a map for easy sharing and tracking of response (

IOM continues to provide humanitarian information and communication through: 

  1. IEC Materials
  2. Weekend Newspaper
  3. Advocacy T-shirt
  4. Interactive Radio Show and Radio Drama
  5. Community Consultation and Town Hall Meetings
  6. Focus Group Discussions

92 Rado Shows
covering topics on Shelter, Protection, Health, Livelihood, CCCM, WASH and DRR

111.5 hours
of radio broadcast

27,490 IEC
materials distributed

789,600 individuals
reached by Radio and Print Media